AquaHex Hexagonal Water for Indoor Aquaculture


Hexagonal Water Generating Tube for RAS Aquaculture System

Due to the growing global population, the demand for protein-rich foods, the increased marine pollution, and overfishing, the number of fish species worldwide is gradually decreasing. Land-based aquaculture fisheries are recognized as an important trend that can replace capture fisheries when marine resources are exhausted. The industry is one of the fastest-growing food production industries in this century. By 2030, aquaculture production is expected to account for 62% of the world's edible fish supply.

However, the traditional aquaculture industry has been facing several problems such as land, water resources, ecosystem imbalance, wastewater management, and disease outbreaks. One of the solutions to manage these problems is the Recirculating Aquaculture Systems (RAS). RAS is an advanced aquaculture model with precise technology and a highly controllable environment among various aquaculture models nowadays. The hexagonal water produced by HKE physical resonance technology is also known as structured water, which is very suitable for the indoor water circulation freshwater or saltwater RAS aquaculture system. Due to its strong water activity, strong penetrating power, and high dissolved oxygen, anaerobic single-celled algae are difficult to survive in the water; on the contrary, hyperoxic multi-celled algae can grow healthier. The frequency of replacing freshwater or seawater is reduced, and the growth of bacteria is limited. Of course, fish, shellfish, or shrimp can also grow healthier.

AquaHex Resonant Technology in Hexagonal Water Generating Tube
The body of the hexagonal water generation tube and the energy column are made of stainless steel 316L. The tube puts into 10~60M3/H FRP or stainless steel fish pond. The treated circulating water is pumped into the water inlet of the tube and then discharged from the other end in this way to continuously circulate. Through the special design of the water inlet (baffle plate), the large amount of water can generate Vortex flow to quickly comprehensive resonance of the water. The built-in movable energy column is impacted by a large amount of water to simulate the natural disturbance of water to continuously collide with streams and stones which break the hydrogen bonds of the water.

Furthermore, the energy column, full of energy fluid inside is non-magnetized and non-wave energy, which can effectively receive the far-infrared emissivity of the sun and the gravitational force of the earth's rotating magnetic field. Under the influence of spontaneous rotation, physical resonance occurs so that the water molecule clusters are effectively cracked down into small molecular clusters, the main competitive advantages:

No need to be powered, heated, condensed, gasified or added any additives during the whole process of generating hexagonal water.
The physical resonance effect of the hexagonal water generating tube for freshwater RAS aquaculture is more than 10 years.
The hexagonal water produced is long-lasting and can last for more than 72 hours.
The water’s NMR half-width is less than 80Hz, which is better than that of longevity villages around the world. (The NMR half-width average data of longevity village water is 90Hz).
Passed SGS non-radioactive contamination test.

Mechanical Specification
Material 316L stainless steel, medical grade
Flow Rate 1.5 sec.
Litre per Minutes 44 L/min.
Tube Length 45.27" (1150mm)
Diameter (Outer) 1.65" / 42mm
Diameter (Inner) 1.5" / 38.6mm; 1.2" female thread (Another side)
Weight 131.6 Oz / 3.7 kgs (N. W.)
Half-life Period 10 years
Test Certificates Non-Radioactive Containmination Test by SGS