Aquaculture - Taiwan Gentian Grouper

Whether it is agriculture or fishing, in addition to technology, the importance of good or bad water quality cannot be ignored. At present, there are 106 species of grouper in the world, 8 of which have been successfully propagated artificially, and 6 of them in Taiwan. This must be attributed to Mr. Dai Kuncai. From 1990, after more than 5 years of research and development of the gentian grouper and Tiger grouper breeding technology, Dai Kuncai successfully propagated the gentian grouper artificially on July 1, 1995, which shocked the fishery community around the world. In addition to his persistence and perseverance, the right choice is the assistance to his success. He insisted on using hexagonal water generated by HKE Hydrogen Kinetic Energy equipment for aquaculture. It made him a great achievement in the industry.