Agro-Planting Industry

Medical Marijuana irrigated by AquaHex hexagonal waterSince 2014, 11 states have successively legalized marijuana. Consequently, our customers in the United States have increasingly acquired multiple sets of AquaHex Hexagonal water generators from the AquaHex team. These generators aim to enhance both the quality and yield of marijuana for medicinal purposes. (On July 29, 2019, Governor Cuomo signed the New York Marijuana Decriminalization Bill into law.)

Moreover, hexagonal water has exhibited remarkable benefits in plant agriculture. Its unique molecular structure, generated through HKE physical resonance technology, facilitates improved water absorption and nutrient delivery in plant cells. This enhanced water activity leads to better hydration, nutrient uptake, and overall plant health, promoting robust growth and increased crop yield. Specifically, in the cultivation of medicinal plants like marijuana, hexagonal water plays a vital role in augmenting the plant's vitality and potency, contributing to enhanced therapeutic properties.

If utilizing our HKE physical resonance extraction technology, the quality of medical marijuana can surpass traditional extraction methods. The unique capabilities of HKE technology enhance the extraction process, resulting in superior quality, increased potency, and heightened therapeutic properties in medical marijuana.

Experience the impact of AquaHex Hexagonal Water by HKE physical resonance technology on drip irrigation/ Hydrophonic through our short video demonstration.