AquaHex Hexagonal Water for Poultry


Hexagonal Water Generating Cylinder for Poultry

AquaHex hexagonal water for poultryPoultry farming is one of the agricultural activities that involves raising domesticated birds such as chickens, turkeys, ducks, geese, and other species for household and commercial purposes. Poultry farming provides us with eggs, meat, and feathers. However, the quality of bird development varies greatly depending on the type of product produced, which is influenced by other factors such as the type of feed, the environment surrounding the birds, and the quality of the water they consume. In excellent poultry farming, one of the most critical factors is the quality and quantity of water used.

"Water is a critical nutrient that receives little attention until a problem arises. Not only should producers make an effort to provide water in adequate quantity, they should also know what is in the water to be used in evaporative cooling systems and consumed by the birds." - By Brian D. Fairchild and Casey W. Ritz, Extension Poultry Scientists, The University of Georgia

Hexagonal water is very suitable for poultry drinking water because it has the same energy and vitality as melted snow water from the Alps or the Caucasus, the highest concentration of natural hexagonal water known. The water molecules treated by an AquaHex Hexagonal Water Generating Cylinder are cracked into very small water molecule clusters. Each molecule cluster is made up of an average of six symmetrically organized molecules, also recognized by cells as "bio-friendly". The water’s NMR half-width is less than 70Hz.

AquaHex Hexagonal Water for Poultry

The AquaHex hexagonal water for poultry drinking water has the following superior characteristics:

High Dissolved Oxygen
The physically dissolved oxygen is 5-8ppm/molecular group, which can be regarded as the real high dissolved oxygen small molecule water. It can suppress anaerobic bacteria like coliform bacteria and anaerobic viruses to survive in the water. At the same time, it can also improve the animal's immunity.

Low Isobaric Pressure (High Penetration)
The animal cell membrane is very tight and protective. For water to freely shuttle through the cell membrane, the isobaric pressure must be lower than that of the cell membrane, so that it can help transport nutrients and eliminate waste and toxins.

Strong Kinetic Energy
It can quickly reach the nucleus through the cell membrane and help the information transfer and communicate within cells. It can also promote cell activation and proliferation, and accelerate metabolism.

Long-Acting Type
Water treated with HKE physical resonance can continue to resonate even when stored in a stainless steel water tank (only in stainless steel tank). Several experiments have shown that the hexagonal water produced can last for more than 72 hours (with a half-width value NMR remaining below 70hz).

The Benefits of Drinking Hexagonal Water for Poultry

Better hydration, reduced water consumption.
Reduce of common diseases and mortality rate.
The better metabolization of feeds with its conversion into meat.
By using AquaHex hexagonal water with evaporative cooling pads or misting systems to reduce ambient air temperature, optimizing facility wash down and sanitation functions.
Egg quality, quantity and feather quality are improved.
Higher efficincy in poultry waste treatment; waste converts in to bio-fertilizer; smell reduction in manure.
Less use of antibiotics.

HKE Resonant Technology in Hexagonal Water Generating Cylinder
The device employs stainless steel 316L components - the hexagonal water generation cylinder, baffle, and energy column. The baffle orchestrates a powerful vortex, swiftly channeling a large water volume into the cylinder for complete resonance with the energy column.

HKE Physical Resonance in Cylinder Upon impact, the cylinder mimics the natural water disturbance from streams hitting rocks, fracturing hydrogen bonds in water clusters into smaller hexagonal formations (5 to 8 molecules). These clusters persistently resonate within the stainless-steel barrel, enriching hexagonal water concentration in just 2 hours (10-ton water tank), surpassing levels found in longevity villages (with a narrower bandwidth than 80Hz), fostering plant growth.

Mechanical Specification
Material 316L stainless steel, medical grade
Flow Rate 100mL/ second
Litre per Minutes 360 L/ hour
Body Height/Diameter 248mm/ 168mm (outer diameter)
2 x Water inlet holes Inner dia. 14.5mm (irrigation circulating water inlet hole); Inner diameter 18.3mm (External irrigation water inlet hole)
9 x Drainage holes 3 x dia. 10.3mm, 3 x dia. 6mm, 3 x dia. 3m
Energy Column Length Dia. 168mm / 184mm (H)
Weight 8.76 kgs (N.W.)
Half-life Period 10 years
Test Certificates Non-Radioactive Containmination Test by SGS
Accessories 24VDC low noise brushless water pump (1/2” water outlet diameter(inner diameter 13mm/outer diameter 20mm),water inlet diameter(Inner diameter 12.5mm/outer diameter 20mm))x 1; 3/8” water pipe x 1; 1 x quicker connector (1/2” to 3/8”)
Options Solar panel (monocrystalline), 30W/ 18V with aluminum alloy frame & temperated glass, 52.5 x 34.5 x 2.5 cm, Cable length 2.7M
11.1V Li-ion rechargeable battery, 10, 400mAh