Phyiscal Resonance Applied to Extraction


Essential Oil & Hydrosol Extraction

Mastering the essential oil extraction of the Damask rose, for example, Innovative Essential Oil Extraction with HKE Physical Resonance Technology is an art form. Our groundbreaking HKE physical resonant technology elevates essential oil extraction, significantly enhancing the flavor profile and essential oil yield. Experience not just the enriched flavor but also the amplified essential oil output through this groundbreaking innovation.

The remarkable outcome of our extraction process is evident in the case of Damask essential oil. Known as one of the world's most expensive essential oils due to the vast quantity of roses required for production, our customer initiated the extraction process using Damask roses. The HKE distiller showcased its prowess by yielding both pure rose dew and rose essential oil. In a typical essential oil factory employing a standard distillation machine, an equivalent of 29 kgs of fresh Damascena Rose is needed to extract hydrosol (rose water). However, conventional distillation yields an essential oil extraction rate below 0.002% even nothing. Conversely, our HKE distillation machine not only produces exceptionally pure and clear hydrosol but also yields Damask Rose essential oil up to 0.02% (6ml). This represents a tenfold increase in the extraction rate compared to conventional distillation methods.